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“Both of my boys love their snuggle spots! I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old and they both use them. It was a life saver for us because both boys had acid reflux and the snuggle spot worked perfectly to prop them up. When we have a hard night we put it in between us in our bed and let the baby sleep with us. We are never worried about rolling over on them . What a great invention! I now purchase them for every baby shower I go to!”

-Jaclyn Lewis Williams

“I am not sure my story is much different than Jaclyns. We also had a reflux baby and took the snuggle spot everywhere we went! We order them for every baby shower also!”

-Morgan Hammond

“Snuggle Spots are a must for newborns and for a mom’s sanity!
Not only was it secure and comfortable for my daughter, but it was easy to move around. I was able to have her right by my side while doing things around the house and some nights it was the only way I could get her comfortable with an upset tummy. I loved it!”

~Kasey Mathieu

“We LOVED our snuggle spot!  It was the perfect size and shape for our baby.  I could lay him in it and actually get some things done!  We were so happy to have something that HE liked! “

~:)Kristi Grider

“We could not live without our Snuggle Spot! My little one didn’t sleep through the night until we got one. She wanted to be held and I couldn’t hold her all night and then get up and function with her and my 4 year old everyday. Not only does she sleep in it every night, but we also take it with us when we go anywhere so she naps in it and it’s so much easier to carry that around than a swing or any of the other big baby loungers. We love our Snuggle Spot!”

~Lauren Shelley

“I didn’t have one for Londyn but I purchased 3 or 4 for friends and absolutely love them. All the babies sleep wonderful in them. I have used them for photo shoots . Absolutely love the snuggle spot!!”

~Ashley Hammack

“The Snuggle Spot was a godsend in our home.  It was the perfect place to lay the baby where she felt secure and also allowed her to not be flat as to not upset her reflux. When used in her crib, it again, allowed her to feel ‘snuggled’, but it kept her nice and swaddled. 
Also, as a portable bed, we could take it with us to other people’s homes.  When the baby needed a nap (before she started rolling over), we could place the Snuggle Spot on the bed and she thought she was at home! I’ve purchased several for family and friends as I believe they are a complete necessity for a new baby!!”

~Alaina Ludiker

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