1. Do you make slip covers?

No I dont, the fabric has to be as tight as possible to prevent smoothering.

2. Can the snuggle spot be washed?

Yes, just wash it by itself and on delicate. Air dry or tumble dry.

3. Do you suggest scotch guarding?

Yes, it makes cleaning so much easier.

4. Can I chose a fabric you dont have listed?

Yes, just send me an email  and we can make other arrangements.

*The price is the same either way.

5. How long does it take?

My turn around time is about 4 weeks. Give or take.

6. Can I get my order rushed? Is there a fee?

If you have a rush order please email me before ordering to make sure it is possible. Yes, the rush fee is $10.

7. Refund policy?

Since all orders are custom and take up my time and money I do NOT do refunds of any kind.

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