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I had a spoiled little NICU princess that only liked to sleep if someone was holding her. I got tired of sleepless nights so in the middle of the night I came up with the idea of this pillow that I call the “Snuggle Spot”. The pillow snuggles the baby so they feel like some one is holding them and they are safe. My daughter, Delaney loved it, the first time I put her in it she slept 9 hours straight and every night since! She had never done that before!! I put her in the Snuggle Spot fully awake with a full belly, swaddled. Since it snuggles them the swaddle stays intact! It is great for traveling, even in a different environment she felt like she was at home. It fits perfectly in portable cribs and in regular cribs. My daughter also had re-flux and had to be elevated so that her formula stayed down, The Snuggle Spot slightly propped her up so that she was comfortable and stayed clean! This Snuggle Spot great for grandparents or babysitters that don’t have a crib or portable crib…it just slides under a bed and is ready with no set up when baby arrives! It makes a perfect co-sleeper if you want your baby to sleep in your bed.

 The Snuggle Spot is completely custom, you can pick the fabric and even add the baby’s name if you would like.  If you have and questions or concerns feel free to contact me. (please read FAQ first).

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 IF YOU CHOOSE TO PICK YOUR ORDER UP YOU WILL BE PICKING IT UP FROM MY HOUSE IN Burleson,TX. I do not meet customers at a more convenient location.


Please keep in mind that I hand make every snuggle spot in my home, I am not a factory.(I have 3 bored kids at home on summer break)

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**As of February 15, 2015 All personalization is heat transfer vinyl.

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